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Where to get auto detailing in Portland OR

If you are looking to give your car something special, then you need to consider auto detailing. We can tell you where to go to get auto detailing in Portland, OR, and we can also explain what auto detailing is, how it works, and what other services you can get for your car in the area.

person polishing a white sports carWhat is auto detailing?

Are you unfamiliar with the term auto detailing? It isn’t exactly self-explanatory, but you can think of it as an extreme car wash. Not extreme in the sense that more pressure is used, or anything like that, but extreme in its attention to detail. That’s where the phrase auto detailing comes from.

Auto detailing typically includes a hand wash and dry along with interior vacuuming, interior dusting, and a window cleaning, but it can also go further than that to include things like a steam cleaning, tar/sap removal, and more!

Portland auto detailing shops

Don’t just take your car to an auto detailer. Take it to a spa with the Autospa at Freeman Motor Company.  We have several detailing packages so that we can get your car looking just like new no matter how extensively it needs to be cleaned.

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person hand dusting interior of a carAdditional services available at Freeman Motor Company

We are more than just an auto detailing shop. We are a true spa for your car, and we can take care of so much more than just the detailing. Our team can provide deep cleaning services, we can apply paint protection, and we can even initiate repairs.

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If your vehicle has a dent or scratch or if it needs wheel repair, headlight restoration, or windshield repair, we can take care of all that and more. We can even handle interior repairs including upholstery, vinyl, leather, velour, carpet, and more. If you want your vehicle to look and feel like new again, take it to the Autospa.

person hand cleaning chrome grille of a carExtra services and amenities available at the Portland Autospa

We don’t just want to take care of your car at the Autospa here at Freeman Motor Company. We also want to take care of you. That’s why we provide free access to the Urban Office next door, coffee, and even a shuttle service so you can continue with your day and run errands. How convenient is that?

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