2022 BMW X6 side view

What are the Top 3 Interior and Comfort Features of the BMW Vehicles?

Modern Interior and Comfort Features of the BMW Vehicles   

We all know that BMW is famous for its quality, class, and comfort. These luxury vehicles are packed with features that you can’t ignore. The automobiles come with powerful engines, advanced technology features, elegant exteriors, and spacious interiors. The BMW provides an interior that ensures a high-quality experience in every position. In this blog post, our team at Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR, will be giving an insight into these luxury vehicles’ interior and comfort features.  

Advanced Comfort Features Available in the BMW Vehicles  

BMW vehicles are luxurious in every way, thanks to their comfort features. The top comfort features available in the BMW vehicles include a Voice Controlled Navigation system, heated and ventilated seats, and a four-zone climate control system. BMW vehicles come with advanced climate control that can be configured through the My BMW app. The Navigation system works efficiently manually and also with voice commands. The comfort is even more enhanced with the availability of heated and ventilated seats in BMW vehicles.  

Stylish Interior Features of the BMW Vehicles  

Besides exceptional comfort features, the interior styling is another high point of BMW vehicles. The Panoramic glass roof, leather-trimmed upholstery, and custom adjustable ambient lighting are the top interior features of the BMW vehicles. The LED starlight glass roof offers an unparalleled panoramic view. Furthermore, the leather-trimmed upholstery under the customizable ambient lighting looks stunning.   

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2022 BMW X6 steering wheel and dashboard
2022 BMW 3 Series back view

Where to Buy Pre-Owned BMW Vehicles Near Portland, OR?  

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