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How Do I Protect My Car Against The Rain?

Everyone wants to keep their car safe and clean. There are a lot of hazards out on the road. It can be hard to keep our cars as pristine as the day we bought them.

One of the biggest things that affect the look and feel of a car is the weather. We often think about potholes and other drivers damaging our car, but how much harm could some rain do? Protecting your car against the rain and other elements can give your car a longer and healthier life.

Tips and Tricks To Protect Your Car From the Weather

In the Pacific Northwest, obviously, rain is a pretty persistent problem. If you’ve lived here long enough, then that really isn’t news. The easiest way to protect your car against said rain is by checking all of your equipment. Having a good set of tires and windshield wipers is the easiest way to beat the rain. A good set of brakes also helps give you more stopping distance on the slick roads.

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Rain soaked windshield with a wiper going

If you want to do a little bit more than that, then invest in waterproofing your windshield. Products like Rain-X and Aquapel have been around for a while, and they work really well. You’ll want to apply it when your windshield is clean and dry to ensure it’s done right.  If done right, this can help out immensely during downpours by making the water bead up and wipe off with ease.

Why You Should Get Your Car Detailed

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If you’re looking for some new wiper blades, or are just curious about weatherproofing your car, then stop by Freeman Motor Company and talk with us about any questions you might have. You can also feel free to give us a call anytime and we’d be happy to help.